We have been very blessed with various gifts over the past few months from shops, relatives and friends of Burlington Nursing Home. These are very much appreciated by the residents and staff alike, a big thank you to all that have contributed to making life under lock down that much easier.

We have had gifts of chocolates, Easter Eggs, flowers and various home made crafts including blankets for the residents and ear protectors for the staff - while they are wearing their masks. We have also been given gifts from The Bognor Womens institute and arts and crafts packages from the Aldingbourne trust. Outside communication is very important during this time and many people have taken the time to send cards and letters into the nursing home along with the occasional bag of donuts and cakes, as you can see from the picture staff do love their cake treats. Whether it was the little felt hearts made for every single resident or just a catch up phone call every thought was heart felt and loved by all.

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