New Art Room

We have a new feature added to the Burlington Nursing Home - it is a brand new art room. Situated at the front of the building next to our staff room is a large room with a lovely inlet of light and ample room for many residents. Our activities organizer can take single residents or multiple members to take part in events and activities that were not previously organized due to either lack of space. In this room we have painting of all descriptions and messy art. There is coloring, making things, paper art with games and puzzles. Residents can listen to music or the radio or can have quiet time out reading books, magazines or letters from home. We have art boards and room for wheel chairs. The residents have been using this now for around a month and are really enjoying the experience. We always like people to volunteer so if you have a spare couple of hours all are welcome to come and join in the fun. Residents are being encouraged to display what they have made and so decorating the room with much loved drawings and other art displays.